Panera Bread

357 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 598-3901

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Quick service and friendly staff.

Cleo Parker

Service was kind of slow, the kiosk wouldn't recognize my card so I needed to wait in line. Just getting baked goods, tasty as usual. This location has tricky in and out, it's located inside a mall parking lot and I think they are trying to protect the spaces close to the restaurant

Misty Moore

I keep trying and trying to give this Panera location a chance, especially since it’s the only one open in the area. Service gets worse weekly. I usually do rapid pick up mobile order. While my order is usually correct the timely service is a huge issue. A rapid order is to be ready in 5-10 minutes. I have waited 35 minutes and the response from the manager was that they get disorganized in the back and he was sorry. I expressed that this has been an ongoing issue for months. I attributed it to reopening and staff shortage due to COVID. It appears that the service issues are not being addressed and won’t improve anytime soon. It’s just unfortunate.


I like Panera; their new unlimited coffee is the best deal around, no doubt about it. Also, there are nice food options, as well as smoothy drinks, etc. I met donors here of our Nonprofit and was pleased with the ambience. They have booths that are nice for meetings, etc. And, they have good Wi-Fi. I recommend them for connects with friends or clients.

Cindy S.

Ordered two grilled cheeses and they were disgusting. The bread was soggy and not grilled at all for both. It was a total waste of money. I called to complain and the manager didn't even offer an apology. Never coming here again.

Zachery Bailey

Half sandwich is about the size of a post it note. Good but small. It is a bit of a ripoff.

Susan DeLaney

Great bagels...lovely summer salad for lunch.

Michael Horgan

Very nice stay. Clean! Simple. Relaxing patio with firepit.

Dylan Chapman

Excellent and quick service. Employees are courteous. Food is always made properly, never had anything out of place. Only four out of five stars because I don't see anyone cleaning surfaces very often and on multiple occasions there have been tables left with crumbs or not cleaned between multiple customers over long periods of time.

Susan Sargut

Bagels were nice and fresh. Breakfast sandwich was very tasty.

Cheryl Paul

I've done curbside service a few times and it's super easy, convenient, and friendly!!

Mark Thorne

Attempted to place a phone order. My call was transferred and eventually dropped. When I called back a recording informed me they could not currently take calls. When I arrived in person and ordered it took them 12 minutes the place my order for a cup of soup. Disappointing.

Yuvraj Ramsaywack

The food quality here was solid (frontega chicken) and the service was okay. The parking lot is a bit tight given all of the oversized vehicles and there aren't nearly enough curbside pickup spots for the demand. Perhaps some more spots can be repurposed to curbside as it can be difficult for staff to find vehicles when curbside spots aren't open.

Sarah Leep

Disappointed.. I had to remind the employs of my order after waiting 30 minutes for a $4.50 tiny Greek yogurt. Also, very low quality Greek yogurt.

Natesh Chandu

Great customer service, Very clean and nice food.

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