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901 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie


Reviews for Hot Wok

I've tried several Chinese food places around town, but this one ranks last on my list. I ordered chicken fried rice, shrimp toast, and mandarin chicken to start. The fried rice was not fresh made like I'm use to. If you like all the extra stuff (eggs, bean sprouts) it doesn't have that. The flavor was also really bland. I actually added sauce to it (which I never need to do normally). The shrimp toast was fine. The mandarin chicken...Maybe it's not the chicken as much as full review

This place has really gone downhill. I ordered a general chicken combo and the chicken tasted like it had been made hours before and just sat out on the counter. Plus, when I placed my order, the girl was super rude and was rushing me through placing it just because the other line was ringing. Probably won't be back here again anytime soon.

My son loves shrimp fried rice but the place we usually get it from was closed so I remembered seeing this place once while looking for another place and decided to give it a whirl. Well let me just say, my picky son was not disappointed. I ordered a quart and asked for two plates and we were on our way. We sat in the car and ate and it was delicious. As I poured it from the container onto the plate, the shrimp just kept tumbling out. I apologized to my son for taking all full review

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