Subway in Salem

Subway - 1310 State St

Rating: 3.9 - 56 Reviews


1310 State St, Salem OR 97301
(503) 391-9848


We have been to all of the of the Subway stores in the area and this is by far the best one of them all.

Subway - 1127 Broadway St NE

Rating: 3.9 - 52 Reviews


1127 Broadway St NE, Salem OR 97302
(503) 361-7464


Super good service even while being super busy and by her self the worker was busting out sandwiches super quick

Subway - 1122 Lancaster Dr SE Suite B

Rating: 3.7 - 72 Reviews


1122 Lancaster Dr SE Suite B, Salem OR 97317
(503) 588-2915


Bonnie Moses has great employees! They know their stuff and are very accurate with quickness. Thank you so much!!!

Subway - 155 Liberty St NE Unit 106A

Rating: 3.6 - 34 Reviews


155 Liberty St NE Unit 106A, Salem OR 97301
(503) 391-7623

Got to say I do not usually give full stars to fast food. This place was staffed with an amazing worker. We had a large group and she handled all our orders like a champ. Everything was done made correctly, charged correctly, and she did it with a smile. She was by herself when we first started ordering. Another more

Subway - 5765 Commercial St SE

Rating: 3.6 - 53 Reviews


5765 Commercial St SE, Salem OR 97306
(503) 364-2991


The girl who works nights on sundays is excellent! Super quick and gets the orders right too!

Subway - 3912 Center St NE

Rating: 3.6 - 41 Reviews


3912 Center St NE, Salem OR 97301
(503) 399-9801

I went to this location tonight because on Friday nights at 8 p.m. I went to the location on Hawthorne and the guy that was behind the counter was extremely rude and disrespectful I was looking to get some meatball subs for my son and my husband and he told me that I was a little late ma'am and they did not close till more

Subway - 1531 Hawthorne Ave NE

Rating: 3.5 - 46 Reviews


1531 Hawthorne Ave NE, Salem OR 97301
(503) 587-9814


And the only reason we went there is because the one on Lancaster didn't have any bread again

Subway - 1245 Columbia St NE Suite 150

Rating: 3.5 - 50 Reviews


1245 Columbia St NE Suite 150, Salem OR 97301
(503) 581-7593

Pretty good nice people, although I went there once and the guy who made my sandwich looked like he was sick, this was a while back but it kinda through me off cause no mask sneezing and coughing not far from my food and I'm not sure he was wearing a hair net but I'll say he was, it wasn't my go to at the time but it' more

Subway - 1940 Turner Rd SE

Rating: 3.5 - 52 Reviews


1940 Turner Rd SE, Salem OR 97302
(503) 316-9800


I love subway! This location happens to be close to work, so I'm here often. Staff is great. The place is kept clean too.

Subway - 2829 Lancaster Dr NE Suite 190

Rating: 3.5 - 67 Reviews


2829 Lancaster Dr NE Suite 190, Salem OR 97305
(503) 587-8712


Maddy and Brice were Amazing. Fantastic customer service. I would hire them in a hot second any day.

Subway - 1554 Edgewater St NW Suite 110

Rating: 3.3 - 53 Reviews


1554 Edgewater St NW Suite 110, Salem OR 97304
(503) 990-7139

Very polite and nice with my mobile order. I thought they had forgotten to add an ingredient to one of my sandwiches and I unfortunately left feedback for my order stating such. Upon inspection of the receipt I realized I had failed to add the ingredient when making my order. I apologize for my hastiness.Sandwiches more

Subway - 4511 Liberty Rd S Suite 500

Rating: 3.3 - 52 Reviews


4511 Liberty Rd S Suite 500, Salem OR 97302
(503) 581-7594

I messed up using the corporate app and hit the order button before adding my 2nd sub which then would have been free with the current online promotion. I called the store and spoke with a friendly young lady who wasn't familiar with the app but offered to make me the free sandwich anyway. Thank you for going above more

Subway - 5250 Commercial St SE

Rating: 3.3 - 61 Reviews


5250 Commercial St SE, Salem OR 97306
(503) 391-4297


All in all a very pleasant experience upon arriving I was greeted cheerfully and quickly. The expediance had no I'll effect to the service or the or quality.

Subway - 4220 Brooklake Rd NE

Rating: 3.2 - 47 Reviews


4220 Brooklake Rd NE, Salem OR 97305
(503) 463-1114


Overall great service, it was clean and the staff where pleasant and attentive. If I am ever in that area again I will go there again for sure.

Subway - 2914 Commercial St SE

Rating: 3 - 35 Reviews


2914 Commercial St SE, Salem OR 97302
(503) 588-0596

Come here often, staff is always friendly. Usually get the same thing when I visit.. a veggie sandwich. Depending on who's working they'll offer "extra veggies." I don't like to ask myself, feel like a bother. Would recommend this location, it has a drive thru. Depending on how many cars are in more

Subway - 4612 Portland Rd NE

Rating: 2.8 - 79 Reviews


4612 Portland Rd NE, Salem OR 97305
(503) 393-2608


They have a good variety of sandwiches and salads. Super fresh and tasty. Decently priced.

Subway - 560 Wallace Rd NW Suite 150

Rating: 2.7 - 46 Reviews


560 Wallace Rd NW Suite 150, Salem OR 97304
(503) 363-7862


Ryan is a wonderful guy. Hospitable and funny. He quickly makes the sandwich but doesn't hesitate to ask you a riddle or two. I visited this location on Monday, November 25th, and I think that this guy totally deserves a raise. :)

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