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American Restaurants in Manitowoc

4.6 - 186 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

1001 S 8th St, Manitowoc
(920) 686-1166

Courthouse Pub

I deliver courthouse pub for a third party company. The employees are super friendly. The service is amazing! You can tell the employees love their jobs ... More reviews

4.5 - 185 votes

Hours: 11AM - 12AM

712 York St, Manitowoc
(920) 905-0700

Ryan's On York

We had such a great meal tonight! ROY's was busy when we walked in. We were greeted and informed immediately about a wait on food. That didn't ... More reviews

4.5 - 166 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

1027 N Rapids Rd, Manitowoc
(920) 686-1380

Time Out Sports Bar & Grill

The wonton mozzarella sticks were so tasty!! The waitress was so sweet and patient with me and my rowdy coworkers, we decided to split the bill at the la... More reviews

4.6 - 118 votes

Hours: 7AM - 6PM

830 S 8th St, Manitowoc
(920) 242-6445

Wrap It Up

Glad to have found the best sandwich in town. Fresh food, great service. Outside seating, pet friendly. More reviews



4.5 - 126 votes

Hours: 4 - 9PM

603 York St, Manitowoc
(920) 717-0482


Great food always! The short-ribs and the Schnitzel were amazing. And the bread pudding was outright sinful. Highly recommend it. More reviews

4.6 - 100 votes

Hours: 10AM - 2:30AM

426 N 9th St, Manitowoc
(920) 684-3007

Van's Bar

Food was so good. The buns were nice and light. The food was all fresh. The boneless wing didn't look like mystery meat. Not to expensive. Little co... More reviews

4.4 - 128 votes

Hours: 7AM - 3PM

202 N 8th St, Manitowoc
(920) 374-4995

Dali's Cafe

The place had a good old world atmosphere. But the service was Sloooooow..average food quality....cleanliness was just about average...one thing about th... More reviews

4.3 - 143 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

3702 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
(920) 682-5111

Friar Tuck's

Are you kidding me! Its been so long since I was out and wanted to lick my plate. The photo Im posting may not be the most flattering but the empty plate... More reviews



4.2 - 146 votes

Hours: 7AM - 8PM

1924 S 9th St, Manitowoc
(920) 682-1539


Always a sign of a good restaurant when you pull up and see all the local contractors eating there. Wasn't disappointed. My wife was blown away by t... More reviews

4.2 - 144 votes

Hours: 6AM - 8PM

2209 S 44th St, Manitowoc
(920) 686-1434

Fork & Knife Restaurant

We always eat here it's one of our favorite places in Manitowoc it's inexpensive and the food is really good More reviews

4.3 - 123 votes

Hours: 11AM - 2:30AM

602 N Water St, Manitowoc
(920) 682-3922

Tower Tavern

The bar was super busy but the bartender was amazing! We also had dinner their and all the food was fantastic!! The women's bathroom was also very c... More reviews

4.3 - 121 votes

Hours: 11AM - 2:30AM

807 Quay St, Manitowoc
(920) 374-4596

The Fat Seagull

Cozy little place, but they weren't ready for a busy lunch crowd. Service was kinda slow. Personable but slow. Loved that they had live music on ... More reviews

4.2 - 132 votes

Hours: 10AM - 10PM

4201 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
(920) 682-6400


Never have I ever had a bad meal at any Culver's. I can go to another one in different states and get good food and services. More reviews

4.3 - 113 votes

Hours: 10AM - 10PM

4141 Harbor Town Ln, Manitowoc
(920) 652-9570

A&W Restaurant

Stopped in drive through around 5:30pm today. Very polite staff. Ordered Papa burger single combo times 2. Burger was cold. Cheese not melted . Disappoin... More reviews

4.4 - 99 votes

Hours: 7AM - 7PM

1550 Johnston Dr, Manitowoc
(920) 684-8820

The Galley Restaurant

Fantastic little out of the way diner. Great food, great service and great value! Highly recommend the fish and chips and the walleye dinner, which we ha... More reviews

4.2 - 124 votes

Hours: 6AM - 8PM

2604 Custer St, Manitowoc
(920) 682-0880

Golden Flame Family Restaurant

Take that I didn't like it at all I guess they have their days because the first time I tried they were pretty good but every other time after that ... More reviews

4.4 - 94 votes

Hours: 11AM - 8PM

4117 Broadway St, Manitowoc
(920) 684-1622

The Dugout Bar & Grill

Great place for food. Great atmosphere and service. Have had take out from Dug Out numerous times over the years, was actually the first time I sat down ... More reviews

4 - 145 votes

Hours: 6AM - 9PM

3950 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
(920) 683-1444

Four Seasons Family Restaurant

Staff were very nice and attentive. Food was great! Very happy with the pricing as well. More reviews

4.5 - 80 votes

Hours: 8AM - 3PM

1110 Washington St, Manitowoc
(920) 652-0522

Susie Kay’s Cafe

We stopped for lunch. Place was empty. We asked for a minute to look over menu. 10 minutes later, a table gets seated, she gets drinks, takes their order... More reviews

4.4 - 83 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

1228 Memorial Dr, Manitowoc
(920) 482-3970

Wisco-Tech Bar & Grille

New owners sadly suffering the consequences of not only the previous owners, but additionally Covid all around the same time! This is a nice place, owner... More reviews

4 - 122 votes

Hours: 4 - 9PM

701 York St, Manitowoc
(920) 684-5711


Not open. Website says open 7 days a week went there on a Tuesday and they were closed. Don't know when there open. More reviews

4.2 - 87 votes

Hours: 11AM - 2:30AM

902 York St, Manitowoc
(920) 686-2193

Revolutions Bar & Grill

Fantastic environment and super attentive service. The menu was crisp and delightful. Will clearly recommend this spot to others. Affordable rates and ge... More reviews

3.7 - 118 votes

Hours: 11AM - 8PM

3212 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc
(920) 769-0015

Pizza Ranch

Food was good. Selection on buffet was good. Replacing key items like breadsticks took a long time. More reviews

4.4 - 57 votes

Hours: Closed today

1222 S Alverno Rd, Manitowoc
(920) 686-2004

Silver Valley Bar & Banquet

Great place for buffets and to meet up with friends. Great bartenders...Great Owners More reviews

4.3 - 63 votes

Hours: 7AM - 7PM

2013 N Rapids Rd, Manitowoc
(920) 682-1081

Covered Wagon Restaurant

We stopped by for lunch on a Sunday. We liked it. Their burger buns and French fries were great. They bake fresh pie on daily basis. More reviews

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