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American Restaurants in Anchorage

4.9 - 1235 votes

Hours: 11AM - 11PM

3300 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage
(907) 258-2537

Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

I love MT and will continue getting takeout, but dining in has been horrendous lately. The staff seem beyond stressed and rushed. On my last visit, getti... More reviews

4.7 - 595 votes

Hours: 7AM - 3PM

1034 W 4th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 272-2489

Snow City Cafe

The kids love their chocolate pancakes. Their Kaladi Latte is rich and creamy. The negative is that it is a very popular place and we had a party of 8 so... More reviews

4.6 - 388 votes

Hours: 8AM - 3PM

4333 Spenard Rd, Anchorage
(907) 243-2090

Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant

We ate here for breakfast on our last day in Alaska. It was a perfect send off for us. Of course it was packed, so don't be in too much of a hurry. ... More reviews

4.6 - 291 votes

Hours: 5 - 9PM

525 W 4th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 622-4745

Haute Quarter Grill

You know how when you are in a new place you want to try a variety of everything, so you feel guilty about going to the same restaurant twice even though... More reviews

4.7 - 214 votes

Hours: 5 - 9PM

627 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage
(907) 278-2133

The Marx Bros Cafe

Great food, Gnocchi and Macadamia Halibut, wine, and warmth. Dining in 1916 home with friendly service and the two owners visiting tables made for specta... More reviews

4.5 - 252 votes

Hours: 5 - 9PM

939 W 5th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 276-6000

Crow's Nest

The food tasted good but wasn’t like wow. The service and drinks were great and I didn’t feel like it was the most expensive place I have ever eaten. But... More reviews

4 - 446 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 9PM

420 L St, Anchorage
(907) 274-3502

Simon & Seafort's Saloon & Grill

this place has slowly gone down hill. used to be some the best food in town. my salmon was severely overcooked and we waited an hour and twenty minutes t... More reviews

4.4 - 277 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10:30PM

737 W 5th Ave #110, Anchorage
(907) 274-2739

Glacier Brewhouse

We came here for lunch and had the Brewhouse appetizers, calamari, garlic prawn and smoked salmon and a salad. They all tasted good and service was excel... More reviews

4.6 - 207 votes

Hours: 6AM - 3PM

2636 Spenard Rd, Anchorage
(907) 274-3211

Jackie's Place Restaurant

Always the best experience and best food! The vibes are on point and I love the decor. More reviews

4.8 - 143 votes

Hours: 5 - 9PM

6700 Jewel Lake Rd, Anchorage
(907) 243-0507

Kincaid Grill

My first visit to Kincaid's and I loved everything about it. The food and service was great, I will definitely be going back. More reviews

4.4 - 222 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

1049 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage
(907) 770-7623

Spenard Roadhouse

Although the menu didn't have large assortment of choices, the selections are very unique. The wait for a seat was 75 minutes and they do not take r... More reviews

4.8 - 124 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

4240 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage
(907) 561-2373

Altura Bistro

Delicious Black Cod! We appreciated how in-depth the staff was and the recommendations were spot on. More reviews

4.5 - 189 votes

Hours: 11AM - 7PM

3074 Mountain View Dr #151, Anchorage
(907) 884-7000

Kriner's Burgers & Pies

Excellent service. The burgers are delicious. So many options my whole family was happy. The sauces are wonderful. Glad we made the detour! More reviews

4.1 - 303 votes

Hours: 7AM - 10PM

2800 Turnagain St, Anchorage
(907) 334-8100

Rustic Goat

Excellent day to sit on their deck for dinner and drinks! Excellent service, and the food was perfect. This place is a gem, but very popular, always have... More reviews

4.8 - 119 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 6:30PM

3807 Spenard Rd, Anchorage
(907) 903-1203

Out of the Box

I love this place the fries are always fresh and the hamburgers are cooked to perfection. I also love the BLTA and the tasty desserts they offer! More reviews

4.5 - 185 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

1230 W 27th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 276-4200

Bear Tooth Theatrepub

Worth the wait.This place had an hour wait by 430 in the afternoon.We had pizza, bread sticks, and wings. All were delicious choices.The pizza was crispy... More reviews

4.5 - 155 votes

Hours: 4 - 9PM

3230 Seward Hwy, Anchorage
(907) 644-8953

Kinley's Restaurant & Bar

This place is fantastic! From the appetizers if is so fresh oysters and yummy crab cakes, to our main entree of salmon and halibut cheeks...deelish!!! Fo... More reviews

4.5 - 153 votes

Hours: 7AM - 3PM

12870 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage
(907) 297-0597

Southside Grill

This place is a hidden gem, and the food is great.However the staff is terrible, the owner who is an older man is just terrible working the cashier regis... More reviews

4.6 - 131 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 10PM

701 W 36th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 561-5367

Jens' Restaurant

Quality Italian dishes in a nondescript plaza. A tad pricier, but for the size of the portions we felt it was worth the money; we were way too full for d... More reviews

4.2 - 205 votes

Hours: 10AM - 12AM

325 F St, Anchorage
(907) 272-5196

F Street Station

Loved F street Station! Hannah was the sweetest and most delightful waitress, loved her!! And we highly recommend the halibut fish and chips. ALL 3 of us... More reviews

4.5 - 142 votes

Hours: 2 - 9PM

328 G St, Anchorage
(907) 865-9198

Crush Wine Bistro & Cellar

VOTED best meal on my vacation! I had a lot of bookmarks for this trip, but someone with us has a lot of food restrictions that negated 99% of my choices... More reviews

4.2 - 204 votes

Hours: 8AM - 9PM

11124 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage
(907) 770-9200

South Restaurant + Coffeehouse

Liked the food, drinks and service. Plus it was a lovely day/weather and we could seat outside what was a plus for the entire experience. I would come back. More reviews

4 - 251 votes

Hours: 11AM - 12AM

610 W 6th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 276-2337

Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

Love this place! Food is great. Friendly service. Prices good. I recommend the halibut fish & chips. More reviews

4.7 - 102 votes

Hours: 7AM - 2PM

333 W 4th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 277-7332


This was my first time here and the biscuits were home made. The eggs were great! I had a Benny and the Jetts. It has a biscuit with sausage gravy on it,... More reviews

4.5 - 135 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

508 W 6th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 222-3949

Pangea Restaurant And Lounge

This was the only restaurant which was available for reservations and had a decent wait time (15 - 20 minutes) unlike most other restaurants (1.5 - 2 hou... More reviews

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