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Fast Food Restaurants in Tuscaloosa

4.2 - 144 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 10PM

315 15th St, Tuscaloosa
(205) 764-9097

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Freddy's has the best smash burgers in town, barring some hole in the wall I'm not aware of. Consistently great food, and most of the staff see... More reviews

3.8 - 196 votes

Hours: Open 24 today

820 Skyland Blvd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 349-4506


We decided to stop here while traveling in the area. Being from Ohio this was the first time eating Whataburger. Food was so so. Burger is close to a Wen... More reviews

3.9 - 173 votes

Hours: 10AM - 3:30AM

100 15th St E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 345-1847

Cook Out

Good cheap variety of food. Great deals for all the college folks living around there. I hear their shakes are really good too, but usually the meal itse... More reviews

4 - 155 votes

Hours: 6AM - 10PM

4900 Old Greensboro Rd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 247-9980


My food was great. However the young people working at this location are very presumptuous they do not listen to your order they just assume they know wh... More reviews

4 - 134 votes

Hours: 10AM - 10PM

2300 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 752-6192

Jason's Deli

Hit or miss experience. The first ToGo salad I ordered was perfect, a couple of days later I ordered another one and it was made completely wrong. Ingred... More reviews

3.7 - 157 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 11PM

603 15th St E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 345-0751

Taco Casa

I tried the taco bowl salad (Chimalupa, I think it's cslled) It turned out to be pretty good. I didn't think it would fill me up. But suprisi... More reviews

4.1 - 104 votes

Hours: 10:45AM - 10PM

1800 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 293-8400

Blaze Pizza

This place was a good little lunch spot and the pizza was filling , the price is perfect and the the staff was very kind . The one employee need an attit... More reviews



3.9 - 119 votes

Hours: 5AM - 10PM

1200 Hackberry Ln, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-6520


Not the fastest....by far....but those gravy biscuits keep me coming back. I prefer the location on campus though More reviews

3.9 - 118 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 11PM

1015 Skyland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 759-3163

Taco Casa

Good food and friendly service . But it's ridiculous to have to pay 2.23 for a large cup of ice More reviews

4.1 - 91 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

1800 McFarland Blvd E UNIT 606, Tuscaloosa
(205) 391-0575

Five Guys

I love FIve Guys but today I went to the Five Guys on McFarland in Tuscaloosa for a bacon cheeseburger and when I got home my burger was pink ? I called ... More reviews

3.9 - 111 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 10PM

4530 Rice Mine Rd NE, Tuscaloosa
(205) 343-9461

Taco Casa

Hot, fresh and great as always. Such great consistency in food is hard to achieve even among really good restaurants but Taco Casa has nailed it. Also em... More reviews

4 - 100 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 11PM

8720 Alabama Hwy 69 S, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-0553

Taco Casa

I don't understand why the male cashier won't make an exception to serve the snack nachos without adding the cheese sause and put it in a seper... More reviews

3.9 - 105 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

2312 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 342-1487

Moe's Southwest Grill

It's like a mexican-american subway! You tell them what you want, you build it with more than 20 choices of items, then you chow down. The queso is ... More reviews

4.2 - 77 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 9PM

1130 University Blvd Unit B3, Tuscaloosa
(205) 248-0680

Firehouse Subs Tuscaloosa

Have been here twice now.The first visit I got a small brisket sandwich and a side of mac n cheese and a large drink. The sandwich was good, but I had to... More reviews

3.8 - 115 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 10PM

4383 Courtney Dr, Tuscaloosa
(205) 345-7815

Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

very good , good food ?, the wings and things is my favorite ? and the cobb salad also the fried mushrooms ? ?. More reviews

4 - 94 votes

Hours: 4:30AM - 10PM

929 Skyland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 345-2184


Tried to get through the drive thru (the only option now that the lobbies are all closed) on my way to work, but even though there were only a few cars i... More reviews

3.7 - 120 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 9PM

5020 Old Greensboro Rd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 248-7215

Milo's Hamburgers

After exploring the University of Alabama and buying some stuff at the gift shop the kids wanted to try a local food chain and upon research we found Mil... More reviews

3.8 - 109 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 9PM

101 15th St, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-0039

McAlister's Deli

I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation of my food. I like the real silverware. Felt like I was at home. More reviews

3.9 - 94 votes

Hours: 11AM - 11:45PM

1241 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 210-4521

Wing Zone

The entire staff was friendly and courteous. Food was fresh and fried were cooked perfectly More reviews

3.9 - 90 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 12AM

760 Skyland Blvd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 349-4211

Captain D's

We spent hours looking for a place to eat that did not have an hour or more waiting list. Captain D's hit the spot. Great employees, tasty food, rea... More reviews

3.7 - 94 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 10PM

3517 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 553-9131

Captain D's

Management on this particular day and shift was awful. I wanted to have lunch with my dad before his Dr. appt. We placed our order at 1:09pm by 1:50pm we... More reviews



3.7 - 92 votes

Hours: 10AM - 12AM

2240 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-3791


First and for most the food is good. Service is another thing. So if you go in normally not to busy. Drive through same, but service no matter which one... More reviews



3.6 - 94 votes

Hours: 10AM - 12AM

5032 Oscar Baxter Dr, Tuscaloosa
(205) 344-5701


The roast beef tasted sour or spoiled. Didn't end up eating it. The chicken club was delicious though. More reviews

4.2 - 51 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

1875 Mcfarland Blvd N, Tuscaloosa
(205) 752-7714

Jimmy John's

How can you go wrong! They show the Starkist Tuna and Hellman’s Mayo right in their shelf! The bread is fresh and so are the ingredients! We love the chi... More reviews

3.6 - 89 votes

Hours: 5AM - 10PM

4309 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Tuscaloosa
(205) 553-2889


They left an entire person's food out of a two-person order. They then told us that we would absolutely not get a refund or a comp meal since we did... More reviews

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