McDonald's in Salem

McDonald's - 1011 Lancaster Dr NE

Rating: 3.3 - 93 Reviews


1011 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem OR 97301
(503) 364-7105


I forgot her name but she is one of the staff there and she was very nice and hospitable, she did a great service that day I went in.

McDonald's - 1110 Center St NE

Rating: 3.2 - 108 Reviews


1110 Center St NE, Salem OR 97301
(503) 363-5314


Very fast and fries were hot and fresh! Love this McDonald's!!! And don't tell but I got 4 pickles on my cheeseburger!!! Oh yeah!!??

McDonald's - 4020 Commercial St SE

Rating: 3.2 - 91 Reviews


4020 Commercial St SE, Salem OR 97302
(503) 581-3683


I liked the card reader on a stick thing they have going interesting way to keep the 6ft at the drive through

McDonald's - 4706 Portland Rd NE

Rating: 3.2 - 90 Reviews


4706 Portland Rd NE, Salem OR 97305
(503) 304-9170


The ONLY coffee shop I've gone to for many years. You have the absolute best drinks EVER! Just wished you had a way to record by phone number since you don't do cards now because I would have filled 11 cards by now. But it don't keep me from my Dutch Bros! Love you guys!!! ?

McDonald's - 2830 Broadway St NE

Rating: 3.1 - 91 Reviews


2830 Broadway St NE, Salem OR 97303
(503) 362-4929


Always happy to have a smooth running business that pays attention to the order details.. never a wrong order

McDonald's - 3025 Lancaster Dr NE

Rating: 3 - 49 Reviews


3025 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem OR 97305
(503) 375-9141


Keeps Improving Not Really A Personal Preference But For Sure Upgraded And Our Kids Love It Occasionally So. ?

McDonald's - 3990 Devonshire Ave NE

Rating: 2.8 - 93 Reviews


3990 Devonshire Ave NE, Salem OR 97305
(503) 364-7073

Tired so im going to say is it was the only place open and even though you expect bad stuff from McDonald's because of rumors and things people have said it was actually a great experience and great food. The guy working the window was super nice, dancing around and just loving life and gave me some great advice. more

McDonald's - 3995 Rickey St SE

Rating: 2.8 - 111 Reviews


3995 Rickey St SE, Salem OR 97301
(503) 364-9353


We use the drive up. But they got are orders right. I'm Happy. I'll always will go back.

McDonald's - 5090 Commercial St SE

Rating: 2.8 - 105 Reviews


5090 Commercial St SE, Salem OR 97306
(503) 391-6641


Was busy when I came thru the drive thru. But they were very quick to get all orders and keep the flow of lunch traffic going...

McDonald's - 570 Wallace Rd NW

Rating: 2.6 - 113 Reviews


570 Wallace Rd NW, Salem OR 97304
(503) 587-7318


The ice cream machine was working. It must be my lucky day! Next stop to buy a lottery ticket.

McDonald's - 1598 Hawthorne Ave NE

Rating: 2.2 - 136 Reviews


1598 Hawthorne Ave NE, Salem OR 97302
(503) 316-0835


Fair price for fast food. That stated, I'm not sure why there's a buy one get one for one dollar when that isn't done at the Hawthorne location.Not everyone gets a repetitions check.

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