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Ice Cream Shops in Lubbock

4.8 - 224 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 10PM

3404 34th St, Lubbock
(806) 792-2756

Papa Johns Pizza

What a blast from the past!This place brings back happy memories of being a kid getting ice cream from an old school ice cream parlor.They had a good sel... More reviews

4.7 - 88 votes

Hours: 12 - 10PM

2002 34th St, Lubbock
(806) 412-7423

Papa Johns Pizza

I would have to say that we always have a great experience ... from the quality of the customer service to the quality of the food ? More reviews

4.4 - 201 votes

Hours: 11AM - 11PM

5101 82nd St, Lubbock
(806) 687-7775

Papa Johns Pizza

Just the best! It feels special to go to J’s for cold sweet treat. The toppings and sauces taste homemade (brownies, caramel sauce, hot fudge sauce, etc…). More reviews

4.8 - 57 votes

Hours: 12:30 - 8:30PM

1701 E Broadway, Lubbock
(806) 767-9842

Papa Johns Pizza

Best I've had in years! We drove literally across town from the west side to the east side to try it out. We got 4 different snow cones and we all l... More reviews

4.3 - 158 votes

Hours: 5AM - 10PM

7723 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock
(806) 589-0196

Papa Johns Pizza

They claimed that they tried calling they never did and did not make my cake. Also they had no cakes for me to choose from. More reviews

3.9 - 66 votes

Hours: 12 - 11PM

8215 University Ave Ste 160, Lubbock
(806) 748-7000

Papa Johns Pizza

It is your standard Cold Stone Creamery when it comes to the menu, but the staff was very friendly and helped my friend with their order since they'... More reviews

3.9 - 51 votes

Hours: 6AM - 10:45PM

7910 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock
(806) 698-6554

Papa Johns Pizza

Good food, mediocre service. Would not recommend to eat inside.They have ketchup and special sauce pumps that were both empty. We asked if they could ref... More reviews

4.8 - 4 votes

Hours: 1 - 9PM

South slide and 1585, Lubbock
(806) 759-2000

Papa Johns Pizza

I have had a couple of flavors the strawberry mango is ????. The blueberry cheesecake I wanted it to be so good. It has awesome texture but it tastes lik... More reviews

4.3 - 7 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 9:30PM

8402 Avenue D, Lubbock
(806) 745-5449

Papa Johns Pizza

I love our Schwans Man Roy Lane! He is a very nice man and always takes the time to come by the house. He never rushes us and is kind. I feel bad for him... More reviews

3.4 - 14 votes

Hours: 8AM - 2PM

8601 Ash Ave, Lubbock
(806) 745-0260

Papa Johns Pizza

The incessant noise from the truck over here off Memphis drives me absolutely nuts. Maybe I’m just cynical. More reviews

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