Dunkin' Donuts in Alexandria

Dunkin' - 4653 Duke St

Rating: 3.7 - 72 Reviews


4653 Duke St, Alexandria VA 22304
(703) 461-3135


THIS branch is one of the best ones for DD!! the staff are welcoming, the coffee they make is AMAZING (and yes, coffee will taste different from one location to another) but this location never failed me... even their donuts\muffins..etc are always fresh..

Dunkin' - 7001 Manchester Blvd Suite G

Rating: 3.5 - 89 Reviews


7001 Manchester Blvd Suite G, Alexandria VA 22310
(703) 822-8158


Love this DD! Always a pleasure walking and talking with the employees. I usually order online app and get my order quickly, thank you for always making wonderful coffee in the am!

Dunkin' - 3050 Duke St

Rating: 3.4 - 72 Reviews


3050 Duke St, Alexandria VA 22314
(703) 751-8986


I went in around 445pm on national free coffee day. There was only 1 lady working. Several of us in line. She did a phenomenal job cash out, make coffee orders and food. Get her some help though.Bravo Rahel

Dunkin' - 5836 N Kings Hwy

Rating: 3.3 - 57 Reviews


5836 N Kings Hwy, Alexandria VA 22303
(703) 329-9222

Can’t believe I had to ask the guy making my sandwich to pull his mask over his nose while he made my food.Wasn’t going to write the review but the way he slammed it down and didn’t announce the order was retaliatory.Honestly kind of sketched to eat it now, lost my appetite. I mean how can anyone especially when working...read more

Dunkin' - 4700 S King St Suite B

Rating: 3.1 - 60 Reviews


4700 S King St Suite B, Alexandria VA 22302
(571) 312-8670


love coming here every sunday for the amazing customer service! always leave w a smile on my face

Dunkin' - 7645 Fordson Rd Unit 102

Rating: 3.1 - 73 Reviews


7645 Fordson Rd Unit 102, Alexandria VA 22306
(703) 360-2500

I tried to order to this store with the app and there was mix up so my card was charged but the app didn’t send the order. The two men working were great and made the drink for me free of charge. Not only that but I had actually misread the app and had wanted a chai oat milk latte instead of an oat milk latte so I went...read more

Dunkin' - 2415 Eisenhower Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 21 Reviews


2415 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria VA 22314
(703) 600-0342


This is a great breakfast place if you're on the go and they practice social distancing and face coverings inside!

Dunkin' - 504D S Van Dorn St

Rating: 3 - 85 Reviews


504D S Van Dorn St, Alexandria VA 22304
(703) 461-3282


Coffee is food is always great. Staff is normally very friendly. On occasion they can get backed up but they don't have a drive thru (so it's not their fault).

Dunkin' - 6451 Edsall Rd

Rating: 2.9 - 56 Reviews


6451 Edsall Rd, Alexandria VA 22312
(703) 750-0047


There is not a more convenient setup in the world. I stop here, get my gas, go inside for a donut and coffee, get a carwash and then back on the highway. My only caution is that twice they have poured me regular instead of decaf. They rectified it quickly and politetly.

Dunkin' - 1500 Belle View Blvd

Rating: 2.8 - 67 Reviews


1500 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria VA 22307
(703) 778-1135


We enjoyed the ice cream here that we had when we were out visiting in that neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. Nice lights in that neighborhood where that Duncan is.

Dunkin' - 400 Dulany St

Rating: 2.3 - 67 Reviews


400 Dulany St, Alexandria VA 22314
(703) 549-1842


My place for delicious coffee creations, breakfast sandwiches and donuts. I can't resist a sausage egg & cheese wrap, or a jelly donut with a blueberry coffee, my go-to flavor. Their Valentine's treats are just around the corner.

Dunkin' - 3325 Jefferson Davis Hwy

Rating: 2.3 - 113 Reviews


3325 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Alexandria VA 22305
(703) 535-6570

I came in for the first time today because I was shopping nearby at a department store. This has to be the largest Dunkin Donuts that I have ever been to in my lifetime. Secondly, they teamed-up with a popular ice cream store chain, so this huge location actually has two stores operating as if they were one. I wanted to...read more

Dunkin' - 7710 Telegraph Rd

Rating: 2 - 59 Reviews


7710 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria VA 22315
(571) 509-0999


Always go there on my lunch break to get a coffee and a donut. Coffee regardless if it's hot or iced always tastes good.Really nice staff

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