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Sandwich Shops in South San Francisco

4.5 - 235 votes

Hours: 8:30AM - 4PM

724 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 589-8916

Little Lucca Sandwich Shop

My go-to sandwich joint in the bay area. No pretention, just great quality sandwiches. Staff is always chill, loves to chat with you. The sandwiches real... More reviews

4.7 - 120 votes

Hours: 8:30AM - 6:30PM

1031 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 588-3659

Mike & Ken's Deli

These guys know how to really make a good sandwich. And their location is really convenient just off the 101 More reviews

4.5 - 152 votes

Hours: 9:30AM - 4:30PM

772 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 589-2456

Teani's Italian Deli

This place is simply amazing I love supporting the locals especially this place so authentic. I got the Yolanda and this sandwich is massive I've se... More reviews

4.8 - 96 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 3:30PM

151 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 745-6270

Subculture Deli

This place is an experience! Bread is so fresh.. High quality boars head deli meats, quality fresh condiments. His specials are "AMAZING" lobst... More reviews

4.8 - 81 votes

Hours: 10AM - 9:30PM

303 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 872-4484

Hidden Spot

Really love their hamburger and sandwich. Only hope they could have some thing new on their menu since I have tried everything on it. Also, their fried c... More reviews

4.3 - 149 votes

Hours: 8AM - 5PM

230 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 634-8438

Spruce Cafe & Patisserie

Pre-covid, my friends and I would have a table and hang out while ordering drinks and snacks for a couple of hours. Now I stop by to grab pastries and de... More reviews

4.2 - 159 votes

Hours: 11AM - 7PM

226 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 745-8883

Cafe Bunn Mi

So good! I used to venture out to the inner Richmond location but was beyond excited to see another shop nearby in SSF! I usually grab two grilled pork s... More reviews

4.1 - 143 votes

Hours: 7AM - 2PM

437A Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 741-6261

Antigua Coffee Shop

I don't usually leave reviews on Yelp but I felt compelled to for this place (especially considering the fairly high rating on UberEats).. I receive... More reviews

4.2 - 117 votes

Hours: 9AM - 7PM

439 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 952-2790

La Torta Sabrosa

The food was delicious ? ordered a super steak and shrimp burrito, super wet burrito with red sauce, 2 papusas, 4 chicken taco, 1 super taco. Everythin... More reviews

3.9 - 148 votes

Hours: 9AM - 3:30PM

733 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 876-0122

Darby Dan's Sandwiches

Wow I have been going for 50 plus years sEEN some changes thIS use to be thee spot to get a good sandwich for the price, not so much now very skimpy on t... More reviews

4.4 - 80 votes

Hours: 8:30AM - 3PM

326 Littlefield Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 952-4633

Luigi's Sandwich Palace

This spot is conveniently around the corner from one of the offices I have to visit every time in in the Bay Area. Without fail, fly in to sfo and head s... More reviews

4.1 - 58 votes

Hours: 7AM - 4PM

400 Oyster Point Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 589-8514

Hana's Cafe & Deli

Great sandwich place. For about $10 you get a large sandwich with fresh ingredients, excellent tasting rolls and high quality meats. My wife and I shared... More reviews

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