Dunkin' Donuts in Brooklyn

Dunkin' - 2978 Cropsey Ave

Rating: 4.7 - 21 Reviews


2978 Cropsey Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214
(718) 872-5488


I always had a pleasant visit. Clerk always take order with a smile. Clean food preparation and Clean counters. Limited selection of Donuts but this place can survive everyday with these selection.

Dunkin' - 1149 Utica Ave

Rating: 4.3 - 4 Reviews


1149 Utica Ave, Brooklyn NY 11203
(347) 627-5202


Dunkin' - 40 Empire Blvd

Rating: 4.1 - 66 Reviews


40 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11225
(718) 284-9305

This is an excellent location to grab your morning iced coffee and/or breakfast sandwich with ease. During the COVID crisis, this establishment enforced a capacity of 5 or less customers inside at once and abided by it. Therefore, there's little to no anxiety when being served. They even installed a glass protection between...read more

Dunkin' - 5012 Church Ave

Rating: 4.1 - 24 Reviews


5012 Church Ave, Brooklyn NY 11203
(718) 345-5372


This was the only Dunkin that has ever put ketchup in my bag without me having to ask. Thank you ladies! The two women there were super nice and quick with my mobile order. I appreciate you!

Dunkin' - 245 Highland Pl

Rating: 4 - 72 Reviews


245 Highland Pl, Brooklyn NY 11208
(718) 277-1995

Best Dunkin in town (o rin the area)? Good coffee and snacks, everyting  very freshly made and smelled super good, it turned out that way. Good customer service, the staff and all the people who work here are very nice. The store is very clean and well maintained. The safety precautions at Covid are well observed. The...read more

Dunkin' - 272 Broadway

Rating: 4 - 73 Reviews


272 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 388-0847


The staff is very friendly to the people ordering and to the delivery people from (doordash etc). Place is clean and they try to get your order out asap. They also package the food/drinks well so it's one less thing to worry about.

Dunkin' - 439 Crescent St

Rating: 4 - 47 Reviews


439 Crescent St, Brooklyn NY 11208
(718) 235-0407

My mom and I walked here to get lattes. I was disappointed to find out their machine was broken because I love DD lattes and was looking forward to this latte Wednesday. We got substitute food items. Attentive and courteous, the gentlemen working here this morning took their time to listen and respond and went beyond in...read more

Dunkin' - 1939 Linden Blvd

Rating: 4 - 53 Reviews


Gulf Gas Station, 1939 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11207
(718) 385-6338

Love coming back to Dunkin Donuts with their great tasty coffee, hash browns treats, and perfect donuts.Dunkin Donuts is 10 times better than Starbucks coffee and other coffee places. It's a great place to eat in their Diner and have perfect Wi-Fi for the computer with perfect service people who always love to help out.So...read more

Dunkin' - 356 McGuinness Blvd

Rating: 4 - 50 Reviews


356 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11222
(718) 383-1042


Staff have always been amazing here. Been to many DD's and I think only been to two locations that have been friendly and courteous. Staff here on McGuiness are polite, establishment clean, and they always great you with a smile. And during these times they have not stopped being total professionals.

Dunkin' - 2092 Rockaway Pkwy

Rating: 3.8 - 48 Reviews


2092 Rockaway Pkwy, Brooklyn NY 11236
(718) 251-5014


I seldom visit this location in my neighborhood since they are usually closed when I leave for work. However,I did get a chance today and was pleased with their Service. Even if there was a problem,like a missing item this morning, they were extremely pleasant and apologetic about it.

Dunkin' - 1621 Avenue U

Rating: 3.8 - 25 Reviews


1621 Avenue U, Brooklyn NY 11229
(718) 975-2565


Great little location for a well known trusted chain. Coffee with a shot of espresso is the strength I need. They delivered. ???⚔??

Dunkin' - 2317 Ralph Ave

Rating: 3.8 - 51 Reviews


2317 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn NY 11234
(718) 444-0244


I really like their veggie bacon croissants. The hot vanilla chai and oat milk was scrumptious??

Dunkin' - 1052 Flushing Ave

Rating: 3.8 - 57 Reviews


1052 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn NY 11237
(347) 663-1130


My mobile app order was ready when I arrived. Donut and coffee were fresh. In and out in no time.

Dunkin' - 8301 Flatlands Ave

Rating: 3.8 - 63 Reviews


8301 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn NY 11236
(718) 451-0373


Amazing experience, the servers are well trained and polite. Not just quick but efficient as well. The place is well maintained and good experience. Pays attention special needs and the food is good as well. Great in general. Great manager as well always greets the regulars with a smile

Dunkin' - 590 Gateway Dr

Rating: 3.7 - 23 Reviews


590 Gateway Dr, Brooklyn NY 11239
(917) 633-1984


Courteous staff, I noticed when a regular customer came in the staff began to prepare what the customer normally orders. Great customer service during this stressful time.

Dunkin' - 2302 Knapp St # 2310

Rating: 3.7 - 68 Reviews


2302 Knapp St # 2310, Brooklyn NY 11229
(718) 332-6152

This is a combination Dunkin and Baskin Robbins which means the staff is often running back and forth between the two counters. They have pre-made cakes if you're on the go but unfortunately they don't always have icing to write on cakes, so that makes celebrating on the fly a challenge.They have a parking lot in the rear...read more

Dunkin' - 873 Flatbush Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 64 Reviews


873 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY 11226
(718) 282-1238


They always do my bagel just right I will always get a multi grain bagel toast with butter

Dunkin' - 8924 3rd Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 55 Reviews


8924 3rd Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209
(718) 680-0019

I come here for my kid's birthday parties to pick up something for their class. The customer service is very good. Whenever me and my kids came in before covid there would be a couple people making funny faces at my kids. They also made jokes when we were ordering at the counter. Super friendly. I have only been here a...read more

Dunkin' - 5100 Kings Plaza

Rating: 3.7 - 39 Reviews


5100 Kings Plaza, Brooklyn NY 11234
(718) 253-6842


Surprisingly... key word being today... I give em 5 stars. No hassle, deliciously fresh made Dark Roast with no fuss and polite service. I need to go this early all the time

Dunkin' - 137 Wyckoff Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 74 Reviews


137 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn NY 11237
(718) 418-2483


Mass produced donuts and coffee... what more can you say? This one is no worse or better than any other Dunkin. If you like Dunkin, you'll be fine here. If you don't like Dunkin, this place will not magically change your mind.

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