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Burger Restaurants in Glendale

4.6 - 149 votes

Hours: 11AM - 8PM

3922 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 330-7122

Aiden’s Grill

This is my new favorite Mediterranean spot! Everything about this place is worth five stars, the food, location, and service! The customer service was ab... More reviews

4.5 - 148 votes

Hours: 7AM - 3PM

1608 Victory Blvd A, Glendale
(818) 247-2200

V Boulevard Cafe

Really nice cafe with good service and food. I go horse riding every week and make sure to stop by here on the way for breakfast More reviews

4.5 - 138 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9:30PM

818 N Pacific Ave # H, Glendale
(818) 547-4881

Burger Bun

At fist look i though to myself, the burgers here don't look that great. But I then took my first bite and it exceeded my expectations. The burger h... More reviews

4.2 - 194 votes

Hours: 4PM - 12AM

214 N Brand Blvd, Glendale
(818) 552-2212

Eden On Brand

Stumbled upon this place just walking about about the first restaurant we went to had an hour wait we found this place with a much shorter wait! So happy... More reviews

4 - 234 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

252 S Brand Blvd, Glendale
(818) 858-1612

Shake Shack

Minced meat. It just tasted fake. No flavor, and "road onions" oh no. I asked for grilled and I guess their version is smothered onions. On a c... More reviews

4.5 - 131 votes

Hours: 10AM - 8:30PM

514 W Colorado St, Glendale
(818) 500-0889

TORO Grillhouse

Can’t go wrong here. I’ve always had great experiences and the owner, Ryan, is awesome. Seriously tasty food! More reviews

4.2 - 187 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 1:30AM

310 Harvey Dr, Glendale
(800) 786-1000

In-N-Out Burger

Always love In & Out burger. Protein style double doubles for me know and they are so good. More reviews

4.2 - 174 votes

Hours: 8AM - 9PM

112 W California Ave, Glendale
(818) 396-4965

Mix & Match Burger

Online platform wasn't loading so I called in. Person who took my order must've been having a bad day. It's probably bc I ordered food 20 ... More reviews

4.1 - 185 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 1:30AM

119 S Brand Blvd, Glendale
(800) 786-1000

In-N-Out Burger

Solid burgers and fries, family enjoyed the meal. They are getting very skimpy with the topping for animal style fries now, and that's not cool. More reviews



4.1 - 173 votes

Hours: 12 - 10PM

158 S Brand Blvd, Glendale
(747) 500-0000


The family bbq plate here is absolutely delicious. The Pomegranate wine is really good as well. More reviews

4 - 191 votes

Hours: 8:30AM - 3AM

121 W California Ave, Glendale
(818) 243-5619

The Great White Hut

I think I’m inlove ? I ordered uber eats from this amazing place omg it was so delicious and flavorful ! I will be back again & again More reviews



3.8 - 201 votes

Hours: 6AM - 11PM

3826 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-9402


The amount of fries they give with your order is enormous. Very generous portions. Burgers and chicken fingers are delicious! More reviews

4 - 166 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

117 W Broadway, Glendale
(818) 545-3555

Islands Restaurant Glendale

Amazing burgers!!. Lovely and very attentive staff! Very satisfied with the Safety measurements the staff provides?. Over all I enjoyed the experience. More reviews

4 - 160 votes

Hours: 7AM - 8:30PM

1623 S Brand Blvd, Glendale
(818) 243-6261

Gold Star Hamburger

Very clean casual restaurant. The breakfast burritos are the best and they huge! My favorite is the bacon one with melted cheese. It's not fancy foo... More reviews



4.8 - 56 votes

Hours: 12 - 8PM

2901 Honolulu Ave, Glendale
(747) 255-7411


I have to say the Cheese steak wrap was awesome. Just make sure you order ahead of time so they can prep. Koobys owner Thank you you guys make awesome wr... More reviews

4.1 - 133 votes

Hours: 5PM - 3AM

624 E Colorado St, Glendale
(818) 241-6336

Lucy's Pizza & Burgers

OMG AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Curbside Service, Open till 3amWas craving pizza at 2:00am everything closed. Stumbled across Lucy's Pizza & Burg... More reviews

4.2 - 117 votes

Hours: 7AM - 7PM

305 1/2 N Brand Blvd, Glendale
(818) 243-6200

Da Juice Bar

i'm sorry but the food is actually super gross here. i don't know how you can mess up a sandwich but somehow they did. the chicken pesto sandwi... More reviews

4.1 - 125 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

440 W Broadway ste a, Glendale
(747) 777-5757

Lucky 7 Pizza

I love their german sausage sandwich, their customer service is perfect. My favorite Restaurant. More reviews

4 - 138 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

1929, B, Verdugo Blvd, Montrose
(818) 790-1672

North Shore Burgers

The burgers are really good. Each specialty burger is great in it's own way. They have a welcoming and friendly staff More reviews

4.1 - 122 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 8PM

3750 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 957-7781

Original Yaki's Teriyaki Bowl

They have a great selection of teriyaki bowls and burgers. I also like getting the bulldog. The staff provided good customer service. More reviews



3.7 - 154 votes

Hours: 7AM - 3PM

605 N Glendale Ave, Glendale
(818) 242-0922


Took my mom and eldest sister to breakfast. Service was fantastic, quick and very helpful. The food was great!!! If you haven't tried it get the dou... More reviews

4.4 - 71 votes

Hours: 9AM - 9PM

509 E Broadway, Glendale
(818) 548-8262

Hot Spot Cafe

QUALITY ingredients: cheese, dough, and toppings. You can taste the quality, and you don't feel heavy and nasty after. Do it. More reviews

3.6 - 159 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 11PM

249 N Glendale Ave, Glendale
(818) 246-6095

The Habit Burger Grill

I gave 2 instead of 4 is because their quality is not always the same. Ordered 10 pieces chicken bites but got only 8 with 2 that are very tiny. Customer... More reviews

4 - 110 votes

Hours: 10AM - 8:30PM

1500 Cañada Blvd B, Glendale
(818) 484-5866

The Great White Hut

Come to mama! So good. Ordered way more than I knew I could eat so I could eat some the next day. Haha. Got the Mega Carne Asada Nachos with spicy salsa,... More reviews

4.3 - 79 votes

Hours: 7AM - 4:30PM

740 W Broadway, Glendale
(818) 696-1288

Burgers and All

So, last day of business is 12/21/19. If you are reading this while they are still open, go and try their steak sandwich, best steak sandwich I know of i... More reviews

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